Salumificio e Macelleria Fattibene | Qualità dei salumi e scelta della carne



The strength of Fattibene sausage factory and butcher shop lies precisely in the craftsmanship of the production of cured meats, personally processed and obtained from the best fresh meats in the area.

Today, the secret ingredient of the goodness and quality of each produced product are passion, competence and experience, which have been the basis of the success of the butchery for seven generations.

The farm is located about a kilometre from Bovino, in the green of the Monti Dauni and it has drying and seasoning facilities specially positioned to the North, so that you can use outdoor air to give more fragrance to cold cuts.


While the photovoltaic system produces electricity, the solar thermal system, integrated by a biomass boiler, provides heating.

The condensate waters of the cold rooms, together with the rainwater recovered, are used for irrigation of the lawn and the surrounding trees, creating, overall, the ideal microclimate for a healthy and natural production.

A unique taste and aroma to cured meats is done thanks to an innovative energy systems, the respect of the environment in the areas of meat processing and the total absence of harmful chemical treatments.

The professional rigor of the master cured meats of the Fattibene family for generations is a guarantee of the utmost care and attention to the entire production process to which the meats are subjected, with the aim of preserving fully the nutritional and organoleptic properties useful for the body.

The meticulous attention to the choice of meat, the respect of hygienic standards and the maintenance of high quality standards at every stage of production and conservation, also guarantee the consumer with food intolerances gluten and lactose maximum safety.