L'antichissima Macelleria Fattibene nasce a Bovino in Puglia | Territorio


The ancient butcher’s shop was born in Bovino, part of the club "The most beautiful villages of Italy", overlooking the valley of the Cervaro river at the confines between Puglia and Campania.
Bovino is an ancient town with a medieval flavour, perched on the high ground and awarded the title of Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club.

Among paved alleys, imposing stone portals, white houses and green expanses of countryside, Bovino preserves intact and uncontaminated a part of Puglia that is more authentic, that of wild nature.

Here in Monti Dauni, in the green heart of Puglia, animals are lucky enough to grow free, breathe healthy air and feed on spontaneous vegetation and what they find on the ground like herbs, nuts, acorns, wild fruit.


Fattibene company works in the full respect of the plant and animal ecosystem.

The farm is located about a kilometre from Bovino, in the green of the Monti Dauni and it has drying and seasoning facilities specially positioned to the North, so that you can use outdoor air to give more fragrance to cold cuts.

While the photovoltaic system produces electricity, the solar thermal system, integrated by a biomass power plant, provides heating. The condensate waters of the cold rooms, together with the rainwater recovered, are used for irrigation of the lawn and the surrounding trees, creating, overall, the ideal microclimate for a healthy and natural production.

A unique taste and aroma to cured meats is done thanks to an innovative energy systems, the respect of the environment in the areas of meat processing and the total absence of harmful chemical treatments.