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The best of the artisanal
production of Monti Dauni

A guarantee of seven generation!

Salumi Fattibene

Fattibene Salumi is a small artisanal company that produces typical cold cuts in the green of Monti Dauni. The sausage factory is accompanied by an historic and ancient butcher’s shop that has been operating since 1826, and their headquarters are located in the ancient village of Bovino, part of the club“The most beautiful villages of Italy” and awarded the Orange Flag, 650 meters above sea level.

Known since 1826 for the quality of the selected meats, the Fattibene family has put all its manual skills, ancient practices and knowledge in the processing of raw materials, in a craft company avant-garde and immersed in the uncontaminated green of the territory of Mounti Dauni, in order to give shape to excellence through the production of cold cuts.

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since 1826


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