Fattibene Il meglio della produzione artigianale di Salumi dei Monti Dauni


The best of the
artisanal production of Monti Dauni

a guarantee of seven generation

Salumi Fattibene

The sausage factory is accompanied by an historic and ancient butcher’s shop that has been operating since 1826, and their headquarters are located in the ancient village of Bovino, part of the club“The most beautiful villages of Italy” and awarded the Orange Flag, 650 meters above sea level.

Fattibene cured meats were born in 2010, from the desire of evolution and the long-lasting experience of a family of butchers operating for seven generations.
Conosciuti dal 1826 per la qualità delle carni scelte, i Fattibene hanno infatti voluto trasferire in un’azienda artigianale all’avanguardia e immersa nel verde incontaminato del territorio dauno, tutta la loro manualità, le antiche pratiche e la sapienza nella lavorazione della materia prima, per dare forma all’eccellenza attraverso la produzione di salumi.

Mirror of the uncontaminated territory, Fattibene cured meats are produced by the company with lactose, gluten, allergens, nitrates free meats.

Fattibene family: since 1826

Indeed, Fattibene has the responsibility and the reputation of being one of the oldest butcher families in Italy, if not the oldest one.

According to historical reconstructions, it seems that the Abruzzo ancestors who were ancient sheep breeders, moving with the flocks for transhumance around the end of the eighteenth century, decided to settle down precisely in Capitanata, near Bovino.

Here, in province of Foggia, they gave life to the first Fattibene butcher shop in 1826, which since then, became a landmark in the historic center of the ancient village

The company philosophy is based not only on the respect for nature and health of the consumers, but also on the idea of the recovery and rediscovery of traditional cured meat, such as bacon and cheek lard smoked with olive wood, or the ancient "musciska" (from the Arabic musammed: "hard thing") or dried pork meat.


The butchery shop is still present and opened in Bovino in 14 Castello street. Here you can buy a wide selection of fresh meat, still among the best ones in province of Foggia.
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